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Thursday, December 06, 2018
Resource highlight: Entrepreneurship Roadmap

Cornell is a very rich environment in which entrepreneurs can grow. But where do you start if you don't know what entrepreneurship is or even if you are one? What resources are tailored to graduate students? Is there a list of support services for thickening your idea? Up until recently, it took a skilled and savvy internet user to locate and make sense of all these wonderful offerings. Now you will find an entry point and menu to help your entrepreneurial spirit, fledgling idea or early stage startup thrive. From your first steps, to deciding whether to start a company, to finding early stage funding, you now can go to the Entrepreneurial Roadmap for graduate students. There is a well-developed Entrepreneurial Ecosystem at Cornell, and we empower you to make full use of it. To read more about the ecosystem in a recent eShip@Cornell article in the eShip magazine (or click on the figure below from that article).

The Entrepreneurial Roadmap for graduate students includes:

First steps to becoming a PhD entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurship Education (BEST also curates a select list of courses specific to PhDs)
Networking: through student organizations such as Technology Entrepreneurship at Cornell
Internships: Eship@Cornell Startup Tree

Should I start a company:

Commercialization Fellows
Customer Discovery through ICORPS, NEXUS-NY

Company funding and beyond:

Technology Licensing
Incubators: McGovern Center, Rev Ithaca Startup Works
Early stage funding: Cornell Angel Network, Big Red Venture Fund, Cornell alumni and affiliated firms in private equity and venture capital
Support outside of Cornell: Kauffman Southern Tier Incubator, Southern Tier Startup Alliance, Launch NY

Of course, we are always at the ready to discuss your plans and aspirations to help you connect with resources to address your needs!