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Friday, April 22, 2016
Lab Crawl

The Graduate School invited BESTies to host a visit to their lab for a show-and-tell, mini-TEDtalk about their science and research, possible demonstrations and a Q&A. Small groups of grad students were welcomed to this 'Lab Crawl' where two labs were on tour within an hour, followed by further interdisciplinary discussions over food and beverages at the Big Red Barn.

BESTie Dario Mizrachi, a postdoc in the DeLisa Research Group in Chemistry and Biomolecular Engineering led a crawl tour on April 20.

It was a great chance to meet colleagues across campus spanning science/engineering, the social sciences/humanities and everything in-between. Participants also received coupons for ice cream at the Dairy Bar!

Planning and organization was by Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Jan Allen. Let her know if you are interested in hosting a future Lab Crawl, and to arrange a date. Our goal is to promote cross-disciplinary interaction and discussion about the exciting research on campus, give graduate students and post-docs a chance to present their research to a brilliant but non-specialist audience, and of course to share food and lively conversation!

Spring 2016 Lab Crawl
Wednesday, April 20 4:00pm 
Meet at the Big Red Barn

Meet at the Big Red Barn to start our Spring Lab Crawl. We will visit labs on campus to learn from graduate students about cutting edge research and effectively communicating science. After our lab visits we will return to the BRB (about 5:00) for fancy food and beverages. Each Lab Crawl is limited to a maximum of 8 graduate students. Email now ( to reserve your spot and get more details.