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Thursday, May 07, 2015 11:30 AM - 01:00 PM
Gwen Pearson, WIRED magazine

Gwen Pearson started out as a faculty member, but traveled a long, unusual path to end up at She'll discuss the state of the current market for science writers, how to get one’s writing noticed, and why Extension needs to step up their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) game.

There will also be an Interactive Experience: see the flyer

Turn your Dissertation into ClickBait in Five Easy Steps!

Bring 3 printed copies of an article you've written about your research, and we'll turn it into a press release. We’ll discuss what makes a story go viral, how to promote your work via social media, how to grab reporters' attention, and why knowing your target audience is essential.

lunch provided if you RSVP to kb532 (or, skip lunch and come at 12)

Gwen Pearson left academia to become a science communicator, and not only is she a great writer, she has been very successful in making a living out of it! She has a wide variety of experience in science communication, from blogging and writing for a major magazine, to science education and outreach.

Her perspective on transitioning from an academic environment to a science communication career will be invaluable for students considering that career track. In addition, her advice on how to break into the online writing market and how to find your 'niche' in terms of content will be broadly applicable to all students wishing to more effectively communicate their research.

Gwen Pearson completed her MS and PhD at North Carolina State University where she studied how moth behavior and mating success were impacted by sex pheromones. In 2002, Gwen left academia to pursue administrative positions, including positions as an Instructional Designer and an Assistant Director for a large research station. Gwen started blogging in 2004 under the pseudonym Bug Girl and later Bug G. Membracid. In 2013, Gwen started writing the blog, Charismatic Minifauna (, for WIRED Magazine. From 2013-2014 she also worked as a freelance science communication strategist. She is currently the Network Coordinator for the Organization of Biological Field Stations (since 2009) and the Outreach Coordinator for Purdue's Department of Entomology (2015).

hosted by the Department of Entomology as part of their regular

Jugatae Seminar Series

Gwen Pearson, BEST speaker

"The Lesser of Two Weevils: Academia to Internet Insect Punditry" on Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 12:15pm - 1:15pm in Comstock Hall, 2123 (&polycomm to the Geneva campus Barton Hall)

followed by a graduate student lunch

2123 Comstock Hall
lunch provided if you RSVP to kb532
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