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Friday, April 20, 2018 10:48 AM
Lean Six Sigma Belt Training via Distance Learning

This Lean Six Sigma training course at the Green Belt level gives you valuable business tools to achieve process and operational excellence. The course content emphasizes why the implementation of Lean Six Sigma is vital to the continuous improvement of industry in today's competitive world.

Qualified BEST trainees will receive reimbursement upon completion and a special negotiated price of $350 for Green Belt training. Scientists and engineers will not need to take the statistics portion, you can brush up on this on your own. Please let Azucena Ortega know by Friday April 20th if you are interested. Once confirmed, you will receive registration instructions.  BESTies only. Visit our website and FAQ to learn how to become involved with the BEST Program.

The feedback from BESTies who finished the course has been mostly positive, and the certificate shows future employers that you are interested in a career in industry/management/risk & compliance. This BEST supported opportunity is significantly subsidized (compare other offerings are easily 10-20x more costly). 

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training online - April 30-July 1, 2018

New this year, the course length has been extended to 8 weeks to give the students more time to review the material and to work on their exam.

The course will be led by Mohammad Khasawneh, PhD, professor and chair of the Systems Science and Industrial Engineering Department at Binghamton University's Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science. This program is open to students, alumni, government and industry attendees and designed for all those interested in understanding and applying Lean Six Sigma concepts to their workplace.

The 18-hour course will be available starting Monday, April 30 , and conclude with a comprehensive take-home exam due by July 1st. Please note the comprehensive exam is quite lengthy and will require 10-20h of effort to complete, so make sure you can carve out this amount of time! For those who do not have the required current background/knowledge of probability and statistics, a six-hour statistics pre-course is also available.

This online program is open to students, alumni, government, non-profit and industry attendees.

Course fees include access to materials, pre-recorded lectures, and virtual office hours. For more information and to register for this course, visit the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt website.

Held April 30-July 1, 2018
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