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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Pathways to Success & BEST Joint Symposium

Save the date to chart your future career success!

Workshops and concurrent talks on broad professional development to include:

Elevator Pitch, Non-academic Job Mechanics, Navigate your Future-submit your thesis or dissertation, Creating and Owning Your Individual Development Plan, and more! Click on the below link for the full agenda.

Pathways Agenda Poster Jan23-2018  You must register to attend.

This is the first of two symposia to successfully Navigate Your Future.



The second one, June 6, is coincident with our 5th annual BEST Symposium, so mark your calendar now!

Planned panel sessions and workshops to include:

Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset, Exploring Careers in US Government, Navigating Employment in the US as an International Candidate, Exploring Careers in Management & Technical Consulting, and Demystifying the Headhunter. A special session by AAAS will teach you about Engaging via Social Media to tell your research story. Time will be allotted for you to ask lots of questions about the various career paths and skills needed to be successful in your future.

Networking lunch will connect you with professionals and campus resources to learn more about recruiter perspectives, NGO's & Thinktanks, Consulting, Industry & National Lab postdocs, how to do job searches, and more. We will end with a reception for you to engage personally with speakers and participants.

but wait, there's more!

on June 5, we'll hold the AAAS Engaging with Policymakers workshop!


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