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Wednesday, April 12, 2017 01:30 PM - 03:30 PM
Seminar & BEST Interactive Session- Biocytogen

Here's some inside information on the science and career possibilities at a growing startup. As many large company speakers have told BEST trainees, the 3-5 years industry experience they require for that entry level job can be more valuable if gained via roles at a smaller company.

Come hear about the science at Dr. Jin's seminar, then take part in an intimate discussion with the Vice President of Biocytogen since 2011.

1:30 pm Seminar Center for Infection Pathobiology (see flyer)

James Jin, Ph.D., V.P. Biocytogen LLC
Gene-targeting Platform & its Application in Immuno-Oncology Model Development

2:30 pm Interactive Career Session for BEST Trainees to discuss with interested grad students and postdocs career his trajectory and skills needed in small companies.

Daniel Trombly, PhD
Scientist II Biocytogen LLC

Xiaodan Wang, PhD
Scientist II & Director, Biocytogen LLC

About Biocytogen:

Biocytogen makes mouse models for research via various gene targeting and cell line editing methods. They provide pre-clinical services and phonotype/karyotype analysis services. the company started up in 2008 and has sites in the US and China employing currently more than 300 people. Their clients include some of the top pharma companies in the world.

 Please contact Dr. Avery August ( for additional information about this seminar.

Seminar :
Vet Med Center C2 537 (off the atrium, near the cafe)
Career Session: C4129
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