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Wednesday, February 01, 2017 12:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Should I do a postdoc?

Why should I do a postdoc?
When is the right time to share career plans with my advisor?
Is a postdoc necessary for the career I plan to go into?

Come hear a panel of experts to learn the answers to these questions and more. Learn about the national trends on careers and postdocs, and get a chance to ask your own questions. Register using the link in the tab above. We expect that you will attend if you register, as seating is limited. Send us your questions in advance, if you wish, to be sure they are touched upon during the discussion!

The meeting will start with a short lunchtime presentation by:

Michael Roach, the J. Thomas and Nancy W. Clark Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Dyson School here at Cornell. See his CV here.

He’ll refer to his latest publication about career choices for PhDs:
Sauermann, H., & Roach, M. (2016). “Why Pursue the Postdoc Path?”. Science. 352:663-664.



We will continue with a panel including the following discussants:

Brandy Bessette-Symons, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology in the School of Humanities and Sciences at Ithaca College. Her research and teaching combines cognition, experimental psychology and neuroscience. Fun fact: she was inducted into her high school athletic hall of fame, and still finds time to play soccer.


Yolanda Brooks, postdoctoral associate in Civil and Environmental Engineering with Ruth Richardson and Sera Young. Her research combines different fields to provide safe drinking water as an essential part of maintaining public health. Fun fact: she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia.


Hojoong Kwak, Assistant Professor in Molecular Biology and Genetics. After getting his MD degree in Korea, Hojoong earned his PhD here at Cornell in John Lis' lab. Hojoong went on to become a research associate at Howard Hughes Medical Institute before returning to campus in a faculty role. He was supported by a Presidential Life Science Fellowship his first year as a graduate student at Cornell. 


John Parker, Associate Professor of Virology at the James A. Baker Institute of Animal Health. He has spearheaded the Cornell leadership program for veterinary students since 2010 and has trained many postdocs who have successful careers in industry and academia. See his CV here.

Here's another paper you should read:

Kahn S, Ginther DK. 2017. The impact of postdoctoral training on early careers in biomedicine. Nature Biotechnology 35:90–94.

They will provide their perspectives and experiences before answering audience questions.

organized by:

The Office of Postdoctoral StudiesChristine Holmes, Director

CU-CIRTL: Colleen McLinn, Director

BEST ProgramSusi Varvayanis, Senior Director

Download event flyer here.  Please register by January 29.

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Register by January 29
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