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Friday, December 02, 2016 01:00 PM - 02:30 PM
Webinar on industry careers & postdocs

 NIH BEST Consortium and Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research

Go To Webinar Link (Registration required): WE ARE OVERSUBSCRIBED and registration has now closed. Webinar attendees will receive call-in instructions upon registration. Webinar participation is limited to the first 100 registrants.  Open to all 17 NIH BEST Consortium participants.

The BEST Program is teaming up with Novartis:

  • to provide information on industry research careers
    to list the pros and cons of a postdoc in industry
    to help you learn about the importance of mentoring during an industrial postdoc
    to engage in a discussion about the NIBR Postdoctoral Program

There will be time for Q&A with the speakers:

Huayang Liu, PhD, a postdoc in the Oncology department-see his LinkedIn profile here. After graduating from Tsinghua University in Beijing with a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology, he completed his Ph.D. at Ohio State University and joined Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research in 2015. His graduate work focused on understanding how cell proliferation and tissue homeostasis are controlled by both cell-intrinsic signaling pathways and stromal networks in the tumor microenvironment. At NIBR, his efforts focus on exploring genetic and pharmacological vulnerabilities of cancer and mechanisms of therapeutic resistance.

Catherine Sabatos-Peyton, PhD, a mentor in the Exploratory Immuno-Oncology department at Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research-see her research here. After graduating from Fordham University with a B.S. in Biology, Catherine spent a year at the University of Oxford on a Fulbright Fellowship, studying the role of the immune system in autoimmune diseases. During her Ph.D. in Immunology at Harvard University, Catherine was part of the team that first described TIM-3, now known as a critical checkpoint protein. Catherine went on to do a short postdoctoral fellowship at UCSF, after which she spent 5 years at the University of Bristol in England, studying the role of IL-10 Tregs in autoimmune control with a fellowship from the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society. Catherine returned to the US and Boston in 2012; she was Director of Immunology at a biotech startup (CoStim Pharmaceuticals) developing therapeutic antibodies against checkpoint proteins for cancer treatment. CoStim was acquired by Novartis in February 2014, and Catherine has continued there as a Senior Investigator, bringing cancer therapeutic treatments forward to the clinic.

Leslie Pond, PhD, Head, Postdoctoral Program, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research; Academic Relations. Read this article about the NIBR Postdoc Program.

About the NIBR Postdoc Program: Postdocs in the NIBR program typically work within the following Research Themes:

Cancer Biology
Computational Sciences
Infectious Diseases
Pathways Biology
Regenerative Medicine
Structural Biology

Susi Varvayanis, Senior Director of the Cornell BEST Program, will serve as moderator for the panel discussion and Q&A period-see her LinkedIn profile here.

Due to the tremendous popularity of this event (we had over 180 registrants before we closed), we are working to record the session and hope to be able to post it following the event.

Additional resources:

Here's another article in Inside Higher Ed : "To Postdoc or Not" by Melanie V. Sinche, based on her work "Identifying Career Pathways for PhDs in Science". In her survey research 85 percent of all currently employed PhDs in the sample stated that a PhD was required or preferred for entry into their current position. However, when asked whether postdoctoral training was required or preferred to enter their current job, only 40 percent responded that a postdoc was either required or preferred.

Melanie V. Sinche is director of education at the Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. This article is from Next Gen PhD: a Guide to Career Paths in Science, just published by Harvard University Press. Copyright 2016 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

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